Friday, March 5, 2010


I have been working in the sewing room lately. Lots of things I need to do but progress has been made. I finished the quilt for my new neighbor baby Emma. I am not a quilter but was given the top kit and needed something special for this little girl. I did my own thing with the kit. Must be a carry over from what I do when I knit. I can never just follow directions.

Next were birthday presents for my two great neighbor boys. They are huge Penn State fans as I can tell every morning when I look out the kitchen window. There is a "We are Penn State" sign in the upstairs window. The fabric was in my stash so much the better. That sign got me moving on these presents for two great little guys who really did not need more toys. Now here is my HINT I read in an on line article that coffee filters make fantastic stabilizer for sewing. Absolutely right and so cheap. I used them for the name embroidery. They tear away easily and I am sold on this hint. Thanks to who ever found this out. You easily layer them for more stability.

I also found out that the old left over roll of newsprint that is free at the local paper makes great wrapping paper. I just took a marker and using lots of different colors wrote the names multiple times. Great way to save as I just hat to toss expensive coated wrapping paper in the trash. It would work well for children to color on and then use to wrap up presents. I plan to use this idea again soon.

Then it was pillow cases for two more little neighbor boys. It did however make me clean out the closet in the sewing room just to see what I would find to use. It really was a good thing to have finished and I found all sorts of interesting fabrics. Now to put them to use. It really makes me feel good to use up things from my stash.

Since I was in the pillow case mode I made a pair for the grandson Louis. He has a new big bed and needed new cases.

Now back to knitting and a big project. Will keep all of you posted.

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