Monday, August 23, 2010


Of all the things there are to knit creating a shawl is my most favorite. There are always several on needles here. I do sometimes get sidetracked and don't finish up as I should. I am doing a shawl presentation at Stash Busters yarn shop on Saturday so I got my self moving. I like to call this "The Art of the Shawl" I really do feel they are an art form. So yesterday I finished up "The Traveling Woman Shawl" from Ravelry. It was fun to knit and it was a good take along project. I am working hard to reduce the stash. (Bet that statement brings a laugh from everyone). At any rate this is yarn from Interlacements, Toasty Toes color 210 Merino wool.It is supposedly a sock yarn. more like a sport weight. I think it a bit heavy as I like finer knits for socks. Been around a long time. I added an extra repeat across as well as knitting pattern A one more time that written. I think it would be a bit small if I had not done this. Did I worry towards the end about how much yarn I had left? You bet I did but the knitting Gods were with me and I even had a couple of yards left.

The second red shawl was a commercial pattern. Knit from a pattern by Karabella for Gossamer. I enjoyed knitting it as the red shawl was my second one from this pattern. The first I did in the yarn requested and pictured on the pattern. If you do this one be sure to purchase a couple extra skeins. The red shawl I made some modifications to the original and knit it from Brown Sheep Fantasy lace. Long ago discontinued. See I really am doing some stash reduction.

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