Tuesday, September 7, 2010


On my last trip to the TNNA show in Columbus in early June I saw this wonderful book. I right away thought of Lillie. I just knew she would love it. I was right when she was here for her visit I had the sweater nearly finished and love it she did.

So I began to knit and here is what her little sweater coat looks like. As usual I did a few modifications. So for those of you who wish to knit it here is what I did: I added 2 stitches to the body so I could have a slipped stitch up each side of the front for a neater finish. I normally knit to gauge but I had to drop to a #10 needle for this so be sure to check your gauge. I used 3 needle bind off on the shoulders but put the wrong sides together to avoid a stocking stitch area on the shoulder. Then when I reached the sleeves, I picked up the stitches as directed and purled the first round. This makes a very nice finish with the little purl bumps filling in that pick up ridge. I also used this same technique when it was time to start the hood. It gave what I felt like was a nicer finish.

At this point I thought I was finished but Miss Lille let me know she really needed the matching doll so I then knit that little sweater. It is so cute and such fun to knit.

And now hopefully this weekend I can knit up the doll and her dress to fit into the little coat. School started today for Lillie and I know that soon we will have cool weather this will be perfect for. Our leaves have already started to turn and a few are now floating in the breeze.

What little girl would not love this coat. I did make the size 6 and lengthened both the body and sleeves.

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