Sunday, February 7, 2010


I can tell you all now that the Mallory in the title of this blog now has a little brother Link. So I was prepared as I knew it would be a little boy. Here is the yellow sweater and hat I knit or him. The sweater is my own pattern, and the hat called "Kyle's Cap" from KNIT BABY HATS. I love this hat for a little boy. Yarn is from the stash who knows what it is but nice and soft and a lot of cotton in it I am sure. Perhaps we need to work on the blog title one of these days so he won't feel cheated when he gets older. I have more knitting in the works but this special baby deserves his own page. From one Nana to the other Nana. Now we are even a boy and a girl for each of us. More of that parallel lives thing we have going with each other.

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