Monday, March 29, 2010


I have now really spoiled myself with this glorious book purchase. I have hesitated for a few months because it was expensive. It arrived this morning and I think if you love to knit lace you will love this book. My favorite thing is charts that are large and easy to read. Then as I read the first few pages I found that the needles I love so much from ChiaoGoo are perfect for these shawls. I placed mine on the cover when I did the scan so you can all see how they look. In the book it suggests short bamboo needles for the lace edges. They suggest gluing a bead on the end of double points. For many years this is what I had to do. Problem being the balance is all wrong, I hated the feel of them in my hands. These needles are absolutely perfect for the shawls. Now I must read more and then decide what I want to knit. Then find some wonderful lace merino yarn. Now if only I had time to read the entire book. The history looks fantastic. Shawl breathtaking. I just had to share my joy with this present. I don't sell books but when I find one I love I do like to tell you about it.

I also received two other new knitting books that I have as yet to look at. Seems to me there will be no housework done around here for a few days. We will be spending the upcoming holiday home with just the two of us so plenty of time to read new knitting books. Such pure joy!

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