Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I have been really busy lately. I finished up the knit doll named Phoebe which a coat that matches Lillie's as well as a pink dress. I know Lillie will love this when I take it to her in a couple of weeks. I can't take her something I knit without something for the big brother Louis. A teenager can be a bit picky but I know he always loves socks so that is what I made for him. Then there is the stranded two color hat for a class I will be teaching. I am doing quite a bit of that these days. Sometimes I wonder if the students know just how much preparation goes into getting a class ready? I do love doing it which is why I enjoy my students so very much. We are having beautiful fall weather with the trees doing their best to put on quite a show. I will get some pictures for all of you in the next day or so. When I thought of taking a picture this afternoon it had started to rain and the sun was gone. I shall not forget.

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