Friday, October 15, 2010


There are days when I wonder what happened to my time. I am always busy with a project or 20. Right now I have a very busy teaching schedule. A week ago Saturday it was my happy experience to be the speaker for the Waterways Knitting Guild in Jamestown, NY. It was perfect timing as I had just received my new copy of Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitters Almanac. I have owned the original for many years and enjoyed using it and just reading it. I was blessed to attend her knitting camp for a number of years and to own an original drawing of hers illustrating the Stonington Shawl. I also received from her daughter Meg at camp a mitten EZ knit it was the proto type for the one in the box. I sure am one lucky knitter. I have letters and correspondence from EZ so it was a fun morning for me to share what I have with others.

After which I taught a class on putting cuffs on ready made gloves at A quick and easy Christmas gift. I always enjoy sharing what I have learned.

Then I was busy with this little project of decorated sugar cubes of all things. My donation to a breast cancer fun raising tea. What a sticky little project this was.

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