Friday, February 8, 2008

No trip just knitting

I thought I would be off on a trip now but the weather which iced in Buffalo, NY a week ago had all of us grounded and here I am at home. Dreadful cold and snow so what does that mean. Time to knit. I am hard at work on a new knitting adventure. Doing mittens and studying their history. Love those mittens but they tend to suffer from the same disease that socks do. The single item syndrome. Oh well that goes with the game. Now I have made the darling little baby mitten from the new Piecework magazine. I have yarn ordered for the poetry mittens as well. So while I have mittens on the brain I hunted in the stash and found the kit I ordered long ago from Finland. I loved making these mittens and think the color shading was something wonderful to do. I love making them and both are now finished. There is still one little baby mitten to go but that should happen quite soon. No I have not forgotten my promise to myself to make a pair of socks each month and I am more than half way on that one. Hopefully tomorrow I shall have a pair finished.

If all goes well this evening and Mr. Sammy the dog does not help out tooooo much I will have more things to show all of you tomorrow. Until then stay warm.

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