Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A sock a month?

Well if all of you remember I promised my self to knit a pair of socks and I do mean pair every month until the end of the year. Well I took January off but will try and get out 2 pairs this month to make up for the missing pair. Here now are my February socks. I had some great sock yarn and had knit a couple of patterns up and then did not like what they felt like on my foot or looked like for that matter either. So rip rip rip. That was not a problem but then when I knit the sock yarn up again thrifty fool that I am I had to block the finished pair. Here they are. I liked the yarn just knit plain. It is Austermann and the color is Asalea. This is the yarn with the aloe vera blended in. Now where did I buy it???Anyones guess from out of the stash things seem to arrive. Which is today's big lesson to all of those who knit SAVE THE BELLY BANDS!!!! You will never regret this step in your knitting. You know what you are using and can keep up with washing instructions and the like. Another hint is to save one from a large project and write inside the band or attach a note in your notebook. YOU DO KEEP A NOTEBOOK DON'T YOU? saves hours of wondering down the road. If I have yarn that comes on a hank and then wind it. The nice little hole in the center is a grand place to hide the band until you are ready to knit.

Happy to tell all of you I am halfway with the "catch up pair" Stay tuned.

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Gnat said...

Not sure your a ravelry member but I keep all my info on there and that helps me when I go back to knit up something. :) Your socks look great. I'm doing a sock a month too. :) good luck to you!!