Monday, February 11, 2008

Flat Socks What the H?

Now this is something quite new at least to me. FLAT SOCKS!! You ask what in the world. Well you purchase the flat piece of knitting that has been knit and then hand painted. You now start from one end and ravel the flat sock part and knit it into a regular sock following your pattern of choice. How cool is this? I thin since Sammy we all know is the king of messing with a ball of yarn this is the perfect solution. I saw someone a couple years ago at Meg Swansons's knitting camp doing a sweater this way. Very pretty and fun to watch someone do. I don't machine knit or dye or hand paint so I put it away in the recess of the brain. Thought never to be dug out.

Someone a few weeks ago on their blog mentioned the flat sock thing. So in search I went. As we were to be in Prescott Arizona this week I check with the local yarn shop. Sure enough they had it. My dear friend Nancy picked it up and mailed it for me after the ice storm cancelled our trip. It arrived today. Now when do I cast on? Forget dinner, make reservations and knit is looking really good to me right now.

It is so cold and windy here I hate to venture outside. When Sammy went out at 3:30 this morning it was - 6 and the wind was amazing. I froze he scampered around. That dog.

Once the sock takes place I shall keep all of you posted.

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