Tuesday, January 29, 2008


At last the "endless sweater" is finished. I just can't quite believe it. You have no idea just how good it feels. I have washed and blocked it, written the letter that goes with it and except for sewing in a label it is all ready to go to my sweet Uncle Harley. I looked at my notes and it measures exactly what the sketch says it should. How nice that was. I look back and remember that I started this in mid November. So even though it seemed like it took forever that really was not the case. Hey we had Christmas and the blasted foot to deal with in the midst of this sweater. It is a size 44 with a 20" body and sleeves over 24" long. He is a tall thin guy. I think about why I am so pleased that this was 8 stitches to the inch and 11 rows. I did it I did it!. Yarn is some lace yes you got that right lace weight merino is a wonderful heather brown. I used 2.5mm needles and did my own pattern.

Then while I was in the finishing mode I finished up a pair of mittens. This is my own pattern I call Surprise Mittens because it is a surprise just how warm they are. I had started these for a class did the first one up to the teaching portions and then put it away. Now this project too is finished. Now I am ahead on the gift projects. Do ya think I can substitute a pair of mittens for a sock this month?

Then as we are getting ready to travel and there will be a precious little girl to visit I did another pair of the gloves with cuffs. So I have a little gift for her as well.

Onward now to knit a collar for my good black wool coat. Mr. Sammy who is infamous out there in blog land for being a destroyer. He ate the corner of the collar. Soooo what to do? Knit a collar and sew it over the old one that is missing a bit. Then on to something new and fun. Yes Yes Yes.

I am getting ready to travel and hopefully be able to blog a bit while I am away. We are taking Louis who is 10 to see the Grand Canyon and other out west sites. I have already scoped out a few yarn shops to add interest.

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