Friday, February 29, 2008


Since we are leaving the cold tomorrow and heading south I thought these mitts would make a nice transition. From full extra warm mittens to just almost mittens. Just finished these fingerless mitts. You can find the pattern on Knitty. From out of the stash, Kimet Croft Fibers Softie 25% Angora and & 75% Rambouillet. The yarn band says it is sport weight but I have quite small hands and I just followed the directions and needle size and the fit is perfect.

The yarn was lovely to knit and it has bloomed since I gave it a nice bath. I am sure with wearing it will be even softer and fuzzier. How cool that will be.

I do have a hint for all of you who love cables. On the final row as I bound off I knit 2 stitches together twice at each cable. This pulls the cable into a nice tight tidy look. I always do this when binding off cables. Most patterns cast on a particular number of stitches and then increase to allow for the cable. Why not my mind says take them out at the end? I find this makes for neater items. Try it sometime you might just like it.

I just returned home this morning after being at my daughters and depositing the yarn making disaster Sam. He will be spending some time with is friends Murphy and Braden. Now Kathy knits so she best keep her eyes on her yarn. We all know what the Sammy can do. He had a fine time last night as only dogs can running like wild men in the house and begging for our attention. Sammy loves to visit with his friends so there is no guilt in leaving him while we search for warmer weather.

This provided me with a short but wonderful grandchildren fix. We went out to dinner and spent some time together. How blessed I am to have them.

First light in the morning we are headed south. To Florida to spend some time with our friends. It is always a great time with great friends out of the cold and snow. It was - 2 this morning on our trip home. It has snowed all day. Enough we say.

I am sort of packed, the yarn is in the car a whole basket full at which hubby rolled his eyes and said "all of this" well you never know what you might need. There is no yarn store in the town we are visiting. I don't want to have any empty needles on this trip. Nice thing is I get to knit and sleep and sleep and knit in the drive down which will take us two days. Are my clothes packed well not exactly. Am I all ready not exactly. It will happen I promise.

This year I will be able to blog on the trip as we are supposed to have wireless internet the entire time. I shall keep you posted.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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