Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Will you just look at what arrived at my house today. The snow is you know what deep, the wind awful but here I am with this delightful box of pure joy to keep me entertained. I made a phone call last week to Debbie at then I told her what I wanted to knit we discussed the colors and the like, I asked about new books and all that. Today all this wonder arrived. No trip out, no hunting the colors I wanted only to find one missing. JUST PERFECT! Not only came quickly but each projects yarn in its own bag and with a little note telling me which pattern I was planning to use. Now it is decision time. What to cast on for first. Perhaps the Poetry mittens from the new Piecework. We changed the colors to some I like better than those of the original. So tonight while hubby is at a meeting I shall knit knit knit. Will keep you posted.

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