Sunday, August 19, 2007

Yo, Sammy, This is Emmy, Can we Talk???

Sammy, what's up with the messing with your Mom's yarn. Notice the pictures above.
First is my end of the couch. Notice how I'm just chillin' and waiting for her to finish with her stuff? I'm not chewing on or messing with her stuff.
Then Mom's end of the couch. There's the current sweater she's working on for Mallory.
This is her first project from a book about knitting from the top down. It has intarsia in it. She will not need my help or input. She may in fact need Joan's but I digress.
Basically, if something doesn't have that white fluffy stuff or a squeaky thing in the middle, IT'S NOT YOURS! Don't mess with it. Especially if it's connected to the pointy things. They're really touchy about pointy things and don't share them with anyone! Now, if you have questions just let me know. We all have those sweet little angel faces but that won't keep us out of the "doghouse".
Your friend in fur,

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