Wednesday, August 15, 2007

the knitting progress

Dish rag tag has done a real number on me. I have not knit these in many years and now I find I can not stop. The lace one was my practice for the purple one that went in the box. Then I have decided to just make more and more of these. I love the no think process. Gives my brain a rest.

I am working along on Mystery Stole 3. Friday is the final clue. I need to finish this chart before I am ready. I showed the chart so you can see how I keep track of rows. Photo copy the cart and then use a highliter to mark off what I have knit. This way I can see the previous row and how the new row should line up above it. Ah the beauty of charts. Melanie you are a dear to provide me with so much fun. I dearly loved not knowing what was going to happen and what the theme was. Now I look forward to the finish and the blocking.

I have lots more on needles but those are for another day.

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Anita said...

You are on a roll! If I hadn't made dozens of these before the Dish Rag Tag I might be doing the same. But it's been enough for me, for now. :-)