Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sammy did not listen ! & How to splice Bob's Way

No Sammy did not listen and this time did not go for the yarn but the stole itself. So I have spent hours getting it fixed and back on track.

I have now reached the point where it is necessary to join a new skein of yarn. Here is a wonderful way that Robert Powell taught me several years ago. Bob is a master lace knitter and shawl designer. This is also shown in the book "A gathering of Lace" Here are pictures of how I was shown to splice. Much nicer than laping one end of the other'
#1. Divide the plies of yarn into two, break off one of the plies of each piece. Both on the new and old skein
# 2 now loop the old end through a loop made in the new and twist it back onto itself

# 3 place the join between the palms of your hands and dampen your hands. (yes I know and hesitate to mention most knitters use a bit of spit here). The friction and the dampness causes the fibers to felt together. as you can see in the next photo you can not see this join. I have placed a bit of tape where the join is and hope you can see it.

Now I shall return to the knitting and hopefully will be blocking this very soon and post pictures for you.

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