Sunday, August 12, 2007

We did it!!!

For a long time Susie and I have talked about our parallel lives and starting a blog. With the encuragement of Anita who told me it would be easy and offered to help here it is.
A bit of background on how we met. We both read the Yarn Harlot, and I sent Stephanie a sample of a holder for sock needles. Please don't ask I can't get them any more. Susie ordered one and then a second and her emails were so much fun we just connected. We find there is a lot in common. Our love for the darling granchildren we are blessed with, the important part knitting plays in our lives, we sew and do lots of things we both enjoy. Then there is the fact that both of us have warm feelings for Kentucky. Susie lives here and I did at one time. You know parallel lives....

What am I knitting that is fun right now. I won't list the items in "the unfinished botique". But the Mystery Stole 3 is on my needles. I just finished my part of "dish rag tag" and the list goes on. Joan

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