Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday is for sewing

Hi Susie and all!
Today was a big sewing day. I need these things finished so I can devote a lot of attention this evening to the Mystery Stole 3 where I still have a chart to knit before the next clue tomorrow. Hubby asked for a curtain to hang over the closet in the bedroom he uses when he goes to hunting camp. We took Louis there for a visit a couple weeks ago and he hated that open closet. I guess he thought there were sharks inside. His little sister Lillie sometimes says they are in her bed. So Grumbut (that is what the children call their grandfather) picked out fabric. His absolute favorite pictures are of loons. Does this mean he is loony? It really was not made for a curtain but I think it worked out nicely. I had some left over so I made a pillow to match.

Then it was time to sew for Lillie. Susie sent me this darling dress all cut out and ready to put together and I have been so busy sewing for Bali and a lot of other things so it has been waiting. I thought you might like to see how I gather quickly. I use 1/4" clear swimsuit elastic. Set the machine at a wide width and about a 3 length and stretch the elastic across the top edge of the skirt. You can easily pull or push the gathers to fit. After you sew the skirt to the bodice, this elastic is part of your seam allowance and you just cut it off. Quick easy and lots of fun.

And here Susie and all of you is this darling little dress with the most beautiful ribbon trim. Wish I could show you a picture of Miss Lillie but she lives to far away. Now she and Mallory are dressed alike.

Hubby is cooking tonight so I think I shall have a "cosmo moment" and start knitting.

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rohanknitter said...

Very nice sewing! Great tip about the elastic.
I noticed your "where's the box" post - I believe Britt has it. I'm next after her so I hope to see it coming my way very soon! : )