Monday, May 5, 2008


When I posted the previous blog I was just taking pictures from the" My knitting museum". As I am working on mittens for a presentation for the Rochester, NY guild next Monday night, I was searching for what Elizabeth Zimmermann said about knitting mittens. I turned to my trusty copy of "Knitter's Almanac", checked out the month of May and indeed she suggests we knit mittens in May. Now let me go on to tell all of you I have owned this book over 25 years. It is a first edition hard cover which "the Elizabeth" herself signed. LO and BEHOLD there on page 23 is a picture. What did I see the mitten I photographed for you a few days earlier. Sometimes I miss what is right before my eyes. This has always been a treasure and now even more so. Just thought you all should know what a wonderful discovery I made today.

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Emily said...

Oh how cool! Your mitten is famous!