Monday, April 28, 2008


I have been so blessed by wonderful friends who embrace my passion for knitting that they pass wonderful things on to me. First there is Diane who shows up at my door with such really neat things. This old ledger book from Salamanca, NY re-used as a place to save patterns. There are knitting patterns cut and pated in from newspapers and magazines. I have scanned one where there is a knitting pattern and also a plain page to show the date of the book. It must have been from a general store as there are lots of items listed. I find the #100 pounds of feed at $1.35 something to think about. Also found an entry baking powder was .20, 4# sugar .28, and are you ready 6# pork .60. This is truly a treasure. I have as yet to knit from this but there is a pattern for a lace button bag that seems to be calling me. Once mittens are finished I shall move on to some fun things.

While I am showing wonderful old relics I thought you might like to see the mitten knit by Elizabeth Zimmermann, when I am not at all sure. It is vintage Elizabeth as you can see the many techniques she was trying out on this mitten. After Elizabeth died Meg cleaned out her wool room and put it all in a black garbage bag. At camp that year after doing your show and tell you reached into the bag and pulled something out. I was truly fortunate to receive this mitten. I have had it framed with glass on both sizes so you can see the entire mitten. Most interesting I think.

In the photo back ground is just part of the large diagram of the Stonington Shawl It is framed but way to large for me to get down and photograph. Perhaps sometime when I have help I shall do this to show you as well. There are also lots of other interesting knitting things on my wall. I shall try from time to time to show these to you as well.

Now I am back to work on the "MITTEN PROJECT" This is to be a presentation on May 12 at the Rochester, NY knitting guild meeting. After that is finished I will show all of you who take time to read my ramblings what I have been knitting.

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Emily said...

The framed mitten is really a treasure.