Saturday, May 10, 2008


I just finished this little sweater in time to take to Miss Lillie tomorrow. I fell in love with the pattern the minute my friend Sally found it in Australia or was it New Zeland. I just thought it was so precious. I used yarn from the stash. (can I hear a cheer?) It is a DK weight chenille from Sirdar in a color called Rosetree. It was wonderful no brain knitting, all that garter stitch. I found that each time I reached a new part of the pattern if I put in a little plastic safety pin. I could then count the ridges all the directions were in rows not inches. After all one ridge in garter stitch equals 2 rows. How neat was that. It was also so easy to seam up as nothing is easier than garter stitch.

Buttons also came from my stash, I purchased them last June at TNNA. I am most sad I don't get to go again this year it was a wonderful experience. At any rate I had just enough of the large buttons. Then comes the question of the small one on the pocket. I took a white button from that old button box and used a colored sharpie to make it match. I remembered what my daughter said about that ink. "I have yet to find anything that will remove it". I think perhaps Miss Lillie did a little art work somewhere she should not have with one of these magic pens. I know it will not bleed so we shall see how the laundry treats this button. I can always color it once again.

Teddy was the most fun of all. All soft and sweet. The directions were very interesting, it was one of those things you follow one step at a time and have no clue where you are going. However it came out perfect.

Now for a picture in the sweater! All this and I did not have to purchase one thing. Makes me feel quite good to be honest.

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Emily said...

Teddy answers the question that has been keeping me up at night: What do babies keep in those tiny little pockets?