Thursday, May 8, 2008


Well it is finally finished, now to write the pattern. As I am sure you remember I went to Wisconsin a few weeks ago to take the wonderful class from Susanna Hansson on the mittens from Lapland. I came home with all sorts of knitting in my mind. I have at last done the first proto type of the mitten I designed based on the class information. The final one will be with different colors as I have named it in honor of my dear friend Paula who was an exchange student with me in high school many years ago. I so well remember the beautiful pink shoes she wore. The final one in the pattern will be done with pink. I have the colors and now to write the pattern. It was great fun to design this mitten. The cuff features ribbing under the pattern band. I used a chart from a wonderful book Handplagg which is in Swedish and no I can not read the words but a chart I can knit. This chart is what is shown on their mitten from Finland . I am following Elizabeth in knitting mittens in May.

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