Saturday, April 26, 2008

101 and Now Onward

Hard to believe this is blog posting 101. Where does the time go. We are finally celebrating spring around here. Long awaited for I can tell you. So I took this picture this morning of the little tree in bloom. Usually we get a ton of snow and then the blossoms go. This year it is a real treat. Some call this a Northern Magnolia and others a Tulip tree and I am sure it has some sort of a botanical name. I just call it pretty.

Then while I was outside in the beautiful sunshine I took a picture of the "wee tiny sock" I received from Shona is the latest swap. What fun and it came in its own little matching knit drawstring bag. I have framed it to hang on my knitting wall. Perhaps someday I will get some pictures of that to post. I collect and frame all sorts of knitting stuff, naturally the prize possession is a mitten knit by Elizabeth Zimmermann as well as a signed diagram of her Stonington Shawl. A treasure from a long ago knitting camp. So now I have added this darling little sock. I need more wall I think.

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Anita said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe you have a mitten knit by Elizabeth Zimmerman! Wow!