Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have just learned of a wonderful way all of us who adore our yarn can help someone else. You can donate what ever you wish to the Make it Right Project and under the topic of "The House that Yarn Built". The suggestion of the price of a skein of sock yarn really got to me. I just did it and you can too. Thanks to Emily at yarn miracle I found out about it. There are links on her web page for this. It is great as you can watch us build a house. . This is a great idea that I want to share. You can donate as little as $5.00 and there are great prizes to be had as well. If you wish to join this great project don't forget to log in at the site. The House that yarn built and leave a few words.

Later I will do some picture posting but I thought this was an important project to get out to the knitting world.

I am still trying to be able to leave you links but I need more time to work out this little glitch. Be patient with this old woman learning about blogging. If you have a question you can always email me for a personal response.

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