Friday, April 18, 2008

What have I been doing?

When I saw this parked in the motel parking lot I just knew it was going to be a great fun trip. This car and its message belongs to another student in the class I was taking. Fun her name is also Joan. We left here a week ago and drove straight to Wisconsin thank goodness hubby did the driving and we could do it in one day. We arrived in New Glarus at the Landhaus a beautiful Swiss style motel. On Sunday I was fortunate enough to take a class given by Susanna Hansson. The same mittens pictured in a recent Piecework magazine. The mittens from Finland.

Here are some pictures of the sample mittens laid out for all of us to drool over.

It was a long ride for a short stay but well worth the price. I also had a delightful class with Susanna on Japanese short rows. So easy the way she shows.

New Glarus is a delightful town so friendly and clean I loved it there. We did lots of fun things the day I did not have a class. Such as close by the "Mustard Museum" yes I know this sounds a bit daft. It was lots of fun and you can taste all sorts of things and buy most any kind you wish.

Also a trip to the cheese factory where we came home with lots of delightful cheese, and last but not least a trip to the New Glarus Brewery hubby loved it here. We also have purchased some of that to enjoy back in Pennsylvania.

All of this and we were happily entertained by an authentic band from Switzerland. They played at our motel in the lobby all day on Sunday while I was learning to make mittens and then three members did a bit more playing for Lou and I who missed the Sunday performance. They spoke little English but then music is an international language.

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Emily said...

What a great field trip! I have to say, though, I think the cheese factory visit would have been the best part for me!