Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Now if your name is Eva and you are reading just scroll down to yesterday don't spoil the surprise......
I registered at yarn miricle for the "Wee tiny sock swap" and such fun it was. I went to the stash to see what I could find that would be pretty yet different. It led me back to the left over from the flat sock. That was so darn much fun to knit I hope to purchase another and do it again. Therefore the little sock was knit from that yarn. I also thought it would be great fun to include the little key chain sock blocker. Those I purchases from knitcellaneous I purchased several a while back just hoping for this swap to come my way again.

Now it is back to packing up shawls for a program tomorrow evening. Hope someone will hold the camera and take a few pictures


chrissie said...

How cute!

Emily said...

That looks great - and your picture is very arty!