Wednesday, January 2, 2008

More bed blogging

Hopefully this will be my last day of total off the foot stuff, this really stinks. With any luck and my good behavior last week I will get the stitches out and be semi mobile once again. I did cheat just for about half an hour today and went to get my hair done. What a glorious treat that was. I even put the darn foot up on a stool the entire time. I find the biggest challenge to this doing nothing is I get sleepy and falling asleep. Then at night can I sleep, NOT. Knitting progress has been made, I have finished this cute blue sweater from Carol Anderson's Wonderful Wallaby and yarn from the local yarn shop Keeping Ewe In Stitches. It is a size 12 for my long and tall grandson. I have also finished one complete sleeve of the endless sweater and am starting the cuff on sleeve 2. Tonight a movie and get that sleeve some progress.

I have lots of plans for New Year Knitting. All must be on hold or just in my brain until this sweater is completed and mailed off to that special Uncle. At least I do have time to blog while doing little but surfing the web and watching movies.

I think one vice I will need to put away is the ability to sit warm and comfy in my bed with foot outstretched and shop all over the web. Great fun but the bank account is not liking all this activity I am sure. I have found all sorts of fun stuff like the a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse for the new computer. Then there were wonder full PINK winter Crocs that had my name on them.

For winter weather of which there is a lot left here I will be very happy to have them. Putting the dog out at night will once again be my job and I thought the Crocs would work just dandy.


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