Friday, January 11, 2008


Seems like I can not find enough hours in the day. Here is what I have been working on the past weeds. First off I am preparing a workshop to be held at the University of Pittsburgh Bradford. Tomorrow and next Saturday. I have the booklets all ready now. This is an in depth hands on class about decreasing. Teaching where to place decreases and the correct slant in each occasion.
I will also be covering necks, collars and stripes in ribbing as well as three needle bind off. Each student receives a reference book that I have written to guide them later on, The picture is the cover of the book and what their sampler will look like is on the cover.

All of this seems to take me a great deal of time. I am working on my learning curve with a new computer and tasks are done a bit differently with newer programs so that in itself seems endless. I bet the MAC support team wishes I had never bought this new computer but they are endlessly patient and helpful and boy am I learning. I wish I had a teenager around the house who would wisk me through all of the computer stuff. When I think back that when I was in school an electric typewriter was hight tech it amazes me how far I have progressed.

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