Monday, January 21, 2008

You have not posted for a week!

This past Saturday I was teaching a knitting class and one of the students Hillary by name said to me you have not posted in a week. Oh my that got my attention. I did not realize there are some of you out there that look up what I am doing and what I have to say. Things are very busy here. I am still at work on the "endless sweater". The plan is this and we all know about plans!
I hope to finish it this week, wash and block and yes TAKE A PICTURE and put it in the mail to dear Uncle Harley who is so darn special he deserves all the stitches in this puppy. In the mean time I have taught 2 classes on the proper way to place decreases. Another class on knitting felted snow men with hats, scarves and the like.

I needed instant gratification in knitting so did these little gloves I for Miss Lillie that are in the picture. Made some adjustments to the pattern in a booklet I have wrote several years ago that shows how to take a pair of ready made gloves and put fancy cuffs on them. In eyelash yarn, as for this pair or you can knit with light weight yarn, add beads, use chenille, or mohair with flat purl buttons. I am going to do a second pair of gloves this week as well. We are off on February 1st and will visit another little girl who also loves PINK she needs these as well.

I am waiting for my sock kit to arrive with all the leaves and grapes from Vintage socks. That darn Yarn Harlot got me again. I see these things and just have to knit them myself. More on that when the kit arrives. I know I must have the "endless sweater" finished before I start one more thing. I can't tell you how many things are running in my mind I wish to knit. Mostly I am planning on my vacation knitting. More about that next week. Rest assured I am knitting and always knitting.

Tomorrow's car knitting is to finish up a pair of mittens I wrote a pattern some time back for mittens knit with a strand of sock yarn and a strand of mohair lace weight. Makes them very light and warm. Will do a picture for those when finished as well. I look forward to time to sit and knit while someone else drives. But with the wind chill and temperatures what they are today and tomorrow I may just need them before I get home.

Now tomorrow I am off to get my I-pod worked on. I love it for a trip. Right now when I plug it in I get zilch I mean nada so I am off to see the "Geek Squad" at the Apple store. After which I shall have a delightful lunch with my special friend Lou.

Perhaps a quick stop at Borders books just in case I have missed some new knitting book that has arrived before I knew it was out, I think I keep good track of up and coming books but sometimes I am not as good as I think I am.

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