Thursday, January 3, 2008

Up and about and mighty mouse

Oh yes today was a great day. I got the stitches out of the foot. I now can on a limited basis try and get back to a normal life. Not going to get all caught up at once. I believe Dr. said do some walking but NO WALMART! I also have finished cuff 2 on the endless sweater. Now upward on the sleeve. But the best part of today is the new present I bought for myself. A wireless mouse for the computer with a name yet "mighty mouse" Great fun but I have spent a very large part of the afternoon learning how this cute little gadget works. Finally called tech support and learned a whole lot. The wonderful man spoke real English and not computer jibberish. How lucky am I. I think it looks a bit like an egg. What will they think of next. Perhaps I need to try a wireless keyboard. Yes I have that ordered now this was so much fun and not outrageous in price. Onward with the computer . knowledge this is sure a lot for an old Grandmother to absorb in such a short time.


chrissie said...

Yay! Glad to hear that you got your stitches out.

pigbook1 said...

Hey thanks for the compliment on the skirt! Sewing is fun, but not nearly as portable as knitting :-D