Sunday, September 2, 2007

Ready to travel

This is the last blog from home the knitting vacation starts tomorrow. Our driver (aka husband) says 6 a.m. is the time we are leaving. That is in the middle of the blooming night for me. He has a phrase. "Joan we got a lot of miles to haul" I hat that phrase more than I can tell you. Now here is the scoop on a KNITTING VACATION...

For over 20 years I have attended the knitting camp in Wisconsin held by Elizabeth Zimmermann and later by her daughter Meg Swansen. There I met my special friends Ann and Sally. So it has always been a knitting vacation. Our husbands have become friends and started their own summer event. They go to the Boundry Waters in Minnesota, to canoe, camp and fish while we do the knitting. We call them “The Adventure Boys” . This year the "boys" wanted a later trip for cooler weather, and have told us how wonderful this lodge called the Gunflint is so we have decided on spending our time here and not going to camp. Now I heard lodge in the woods with great fear and apprehension. Well let me tell you we have a cabin the word makes me shudder. However this cabin has it all, washer, dryer, whirlpool bath, 2 bathrooms and lots lots more. This is not a cabin to me it is a glorious home on the lake. I also should add the Gunflint has a reputation for glorious food and this is our destination.

Each year I have embroidered golf style shirts with a canoe or a tent or some such item. This year the “girls” choose the shirts. Can you tell?

Another tradition has been to take knitting theme gifts to each other. So this year here is what I have for each of them. I machine embroidered on felt little scissor holders, made fobs from cell phone leashes and charms, and the little paper gift bags. The gift bag pattern is from:

I really love having these little bags on the computer as they come in handy for so many little gifts.

It is my hope to be able to keep you all up to date on the travels but who knows what kind of internet service I will find. I am told there is a conference center with wireless. Hope we can access that. Until then packing yarn is on my schedule.

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rohanknitter said...

It sounds like a wonderful trip!
Those shirts are a scream, I love it!