Saturday, September 1, 2007

Lillie's Little Sweater

Put me in a car and give me some knitting with hubby driving and all deadlines can be met. I finished the baby sweater I was working on for tomorrow's Christening partylast night. This sweater has been part of my knitting life for many many years. I use an outline form of this sweater to teach beginning knitting. Amazing what they could do. It starts at the top of the hood, then down the back is the same as turning a sock heel. Downward it goes. Worsted weight yarn makes it easy and quick to knit. Several years ago my knitting camp friend Carol Anderson saw one and asked if I would work with her to publish it for others. Share sure I will, she took the directions and fine tuned them. Lots of pictures and helps. Carol named it "Lillie's Little Sweate" after my granddaughter and even used her in a "centerfold" picture. I always make this as a baby gift. If you are interested in a pattern contact your local yarn shop. If they don't have it or can not carry it write to Carol at: Cottage Creations Carpenter, Iowa 50426-0070. Yes indeed it is the same place there are lots of other fun patterns. Now I need to work on getting things ready for Monday's Blast OFF!

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