Thursday, September 27, 2007


Many times it is necessary to use a cast on in your knitting that can be removed. Here is my favorite. There are many others but I particularly like this one. It can also be used without a waste yarn as your regular cast on. It has a nice chain edge. Please excuse my lack of photo skills. Working on getting a better camer and new computer so all of you in blog land please be patient. #1. Place a slip not on a crochet hook using a smooth cotton yarn.
# 2. hold the crochet hook above your knitting needle.
# 3 wrap yarn around the knitting needle and slip stitch through the loop on the crochet hook. #4 repeat this for the number of stitches called for.
#5 when you have all the stitches on your needle required remove the loop from the crochet hook and place a coiless pin in this loop and fasten it to the chain edge you have created.
# 6 begin with the main yarn and knit away.

I did not invent this but was shown how and later told this is something that machine knitters use, but does it ever work well for hand knitters. # 7 when you wish to remove the waste yarn, take out the pin, give a little tug on the waste yarn and there are your loops to finsish off or pick up stitches from what ever you choose. Happy Thursday knitting. I have a baby sweater to finish today to get in the mail tomorrow.

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