Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 First Finished item!!!

Now I think I am making progress. I needed a baby sweater for a darling little boy born on Christmas eve. So once hubby started the New Years Day Football marathon I cast on. Here is the result! I like to use my own patterns when I am able so this is "Lillie's Little Sweater"a pattern I wrote with Carol Anderson of Cottage Creations. Yes I know I still need to learn how to do the darn put in a link thing. Perhaps I will get this taken care of at some point during this new year. I really need led by the hand and step by step to accomplish something so complicated. Back to this little sweater, I used yarn from the stash how good that feels. Cascade 220 superwash. I love this yarn and it holds up so well with the washing that baby things get.

I had a request from a friend for a little girls hat and mittens. I normally say no as I can not keep up with the family wants and wishes but on this day I said sure why not. So I have this little hat and mittens and I feel great with such progress. That is finished and hubby took it out to deliver before I even had a minute for a picture.

Next on the list was a baby blanket started many years ago by the grandmother of a friend. After she passed away it was found and I can understand why they would like it finished. That is now finished and I am ready to work on things from my "unfinished boutique" I think the first project on the list will be the kid silk haze world stripe mohair wrap. It is many times cold where I play bridge and this is light and warm. Great surprise it is for me!

It is January and the weather cold and ugly so a perfect time to sit and knit. We are having a real old fashioned winter with snow every day. Hubby is doing the driveways on the street now twice a day to keep up. Perfect knitting weather.


Emily said...

Oh how cute! I like the buttons!

If I google for "Lillie's Little Sweater" will I find the pattern? I think I should make one for Ellie - especially since I want to make the Basic Chic Cardigan for myself. We can match!

We'll have to see how jealous Michael is, there is bound to be a boy-size hooded sweater pattern somewhere, right?

Emily said...

I found it!