Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What a way to start a day!

It has been a most unusual day. Those of you who follow this blog know well Sammy my Cavalier who loves to mess with the yarn, chew knitting needles and the like. He is just a hard headed little guy. This morning he decided to chase the school bus. With hubby yelling at him to stop and he as usual paid no attention as he scooted out the door. Result and we are so lucky just a cut on the foot and a pulled tendon. Early this morning it was a trip to the vet. We have a bit of a drive to get that done. X-rays and all of that. He has pain medication and an antibiotic for the cut on the pad of his foot. All in all a most expensive trip down the driveway for him.

Now a week of keeping the bandage on the split dry. The only positive thing about this is the pain med made him sleep the day away on the sofa with me. Negative, I slept as well. I should be ready for a big knitting evening.

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Emily said...

That is so sad and pitiful! Can he have an extra treat from me?