Thursday, October 18, 2007


I have now been to the great show. Stitches East in Baltimore last weekend. It was a wonderful event. I met my friends and had 3 days of knitting shopping. It was just wonderful. We shopped, talked knitting, ate and then repeat again. How fortunate I was to be involved in this great trip. My knitting friends and I go back 20 years so we have the greatest relationship. We met at camp with Elizabeth Zimmermann. We are still going strong. This is the same group I went to the Gunflint lodge with plus a couple more old friends as well.

I did not get any great feel for where the knitting world is headed no particular theme. Still lots of socks and lace and great modular knits.

Did I come home with anything? Now really what do you think? Yes indeed some lace weight for a sweater, yes I know it will take quite a while to knit but I am on a mission and will tell you all more about that later. Lace weight for yet another knit along. And lots of things to make the knitting fun. "Knitting Jewelry" is what I call it. Bracelet counters, stitch markers, scissor fobs and the like.

Then the neat little weighted bag to hold the yarn. Now Sammy the puppy stealing pooch is just out of luck I hope I have outfoxed him this time. In case this alone does not work I purchased the "clam shell".. You place the yarn end through the hole in the top and snap on the base. Now this is new and I had not seen one before.

I pick up Mr. Sammy today at my daughters we shall see how all of these things work in real life. I will travel to baby sit tonight and then back home and will fill all of you in on the rest of my trip.

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KnittySue said...

ohhhh what a nice bunch of yarn. Glad you had a good time.
E-mail me at and I'll ship over my address...thanks.
I like your blog...I come back to visit every day.