Monday, October 8, 2007


I am loving all the swaps out there in blog land and so I have joined the "Fall Into Autumn Dish Cloth Swap" Each Monday there is a discussion topic. Today it is about stash. Yes indeed I have quite a yarn stash but one of the suggestions was for the book stash. How interesting that this weekend while my daughter was here she did a big job of putting all the books back in alphabetical order for me. I had them this way once upon a time. Then as the stacks of books out grew the shelves I purchased new shelves and more new shelves and the books just landed any place. This is not a good thing when you are looking for something. I also had a wonderful list of all books by author. They quickly was no longer accurate. Are you all out there aware of the dreadful thing book publlishers do to us. "SAME BOOK NEW COVER". This really makes me angry. Now when we cleaned the shelves I find several I have more than one copy of I am so pleased my darling daughter loves to knit and so she was delighted to take home the extras. Some I just forgot I owned and so purchased them the second time. Now I will get to work on that new list. So for all of you who like to view someone elses stash here are the pictures of mine. First let me tell you I have been buying knitting books for many many years and some of the old valuable ones I purchased when they were published. Some others I purchased from a used book seller when no one wanted knitting books. That was one of the best investments I could have made. I had no idea all these first additions would turn out to be something wonderful. so for all of you to enjoy take a peek at my stash.

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Anita said...

My, what a large stash you have. ;-)