Saturday, October 27, 2007

When Science Meets Knitting

This is Katie, Susie's daughter. At my mother's request I am writing about my world of knitting. For background purposes you must know that my parents are the enbodiment of the saying "opposites attract". They are like day and night. He is an engineer who wears plaid. Mom is the star of the party. So as the progeny of the two I am a strange mixture of science and creativity. I have a BA in Music in Open Studies, which basically means I took music and a lot of other stuff, namely chemistry, biology and math. I am now studying to be a medical technologist and hope that some day I can open a knitting/sewing store called "Sew Ewe".

Having said that you will understand that I approach knitting from a math/science perspective. I love charts and spreadsheets. There is a place for everything and everthing is in its place. It is not enough to just have an idea of what is in my stash I must have a spreadsheet detailing exactly what is there. There are calculations for everything. If I have a partial skein I can weigh it and calculate appoxamately what is there. I have a running total of how many yards of yarn I have. At this point I am close to having 20 miles of yarn (ironically this is the distance to the nearest knitting store). I can also find yard substitutions based on yds/gram of the original yarn and how much is needed. I have arranged my stash in order of the visible light spectrum and have all of my patterns arranged by subject digitally and in physical print-outs.

Knitty people are in general veiwed as quirky people...I have brought this to a new level of eccentricity.

Knitter and Spreadsheet Queen

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