Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Pictures will come later when I get chance to unload the camera. I am headed home from a grand week. First at Stitches East where naturally I got a bit of yarn.

I did not get any great sense of what the knitting world is headed into next. Socks still are all over the place. Lace still showing its lovely stitches. Traditional sweaters are still arround and some glitz remains. I got no definite idea where things are headed. Yes I purchased patterns and some beautiful other gizmos but that I shall save for later.

Then to visit my knitting friend Sally and now I am in Cape Cod, Mass until tomorrow visiting with the most wonderful Aunt and Uncle a Girl could wish for. I hope tonight at dinner to have a picture for you. When I get home I will be mailing my Fall into Autumn Swap package. I waited until after Stitches to send it as I always find wonderful fun items there. So that will be on its way by Friday morning and I am sure will arrive in plenty of time.

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