Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I certainly have been neglectful for ever so long.  It is time I posted a few pictures of my knitting and such.  I guess sometimes my schedule gets a bit hectic and I just do not think anyone is interested in what goes on in my little life here in the hills of Pennsylvania.

Will try and catch you up on a few things.  It has been a very busy summer and fall looks to be no no different.  One reason I find I can get back and be more efficient is that taking pictures is no longer such a big job.  No more taking the picture and then plugging the camera in and about 4 more steps on top of that.  Now with the new I-phone hubby gave me a couple weeks ago as a great birthday present this is oh so easy.  Snap, send to my email and you have it.

I have been teaching some interesting classes here are a couple.  From Betsey Beads the Twilight necklace.  I used a heavier yarn from Berroco called Seduce.  Blue green beads and then purchased a real silver and turquoise clasp.  I loved doing this.  Hardest part is stringing the beads.

I found that most of the shawls I love so to knit are very light weight.  Yes warm but not warm enough for where I live.  So I knit this one this past week from Universal yarn called classic shades.

This is an easy fun knit if you don't get all excited about a lot of short rows. My suggestion is that you practice the yarn over short row.  It is easier and faster and works beautifully.

My upcoming class this Saturday will be a button version of a mitered neck warmer.  Quick and easy and such a lot of fun.  If this is a pattern you wish to have just let me know.  It is my personal one and I shall share if happily.

Now enough for today.  I will try tomorrow to back track and show you some of the knitting I have not mentioned before.  As well as some family news.

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Pam said...

Nice projects, Joan. You always seem to find things that are fun and interesting to knit!