Wednesday, February 8, 2012


At Christmas time I was on over load and also some of those I give gifts to read this blog so nothing was posted. Will show a couple now. Ah the tea cozy for my friend Nancy. We met as we both belonged to the same college sorority. (years apart to be sure). She is a great love of a pot of hot tea. What is not to love. So I thought for a tea lover and someone who adores Victorian what could be better than a crazy quilt tea cozy. I have quite a stash of ribbons, fancy fabrics and lace. You might be interested to hear the cream lace came from France about
WWI. It belonged to a friend of my Mothers and when she left the large family home was going to toss it. Thank goodness Mother saved it for me. I use it a lot of special things. Then there are Violets which is the right flower, pearls also. The colors lavender and maroon. All the right things and even a sterling crest from Mother's charm bracelet. Nancy was pleased so I shall share the pictures with all of you. I do things other than knit once in a while.

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