Friday, October 5, 2012


As promised here are some more things I have been knitting.   It keeps me busy trying to come up with new class ideas.  I like to have students make something but most important are the skills I try to build into each project.  I am continuing with one new project each month.  All are easy and can be completed before Christmas to give as a gift.   This pillow case with the lace edge makes a wonderful gift for someone who seems to have everything.  The pattern with soft points does not require blocking and I am doing a lace "shorthand" to teach that system for a pattern.  Sometimes it is easier than using a chart.

Pulse warmers are a great small project with or without beads.  I like to make the ones like the cream with lots of garter stitch above the lace edge.  Sip this part under your sleeve and fold back to make a cuff.  I think they are quite pretty.  The beaded one is lots of fun and you only have beads on every other row.  Therefore none of the beads are right next to your skin.  I was quite surprised to find out how warm they made me feel.  Perhaps it is all in my head who knows but a fun to knit project.

Now here is a quick and easy gift.  Purchased stretch gloves and you add a fancy cuff.  Perhaps using yarn you made the matching scarf with or something left from the stash.  I have been quite surprised to see these "fluffy" yarns back in the market place.  "Everything old is new again!"

Until next time keep those needles busy!!!!!!!

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