Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where or Where have I been lately?

I feel badly I have neglected posting for so long and will try and get more pictures up for you to check out the knitting. I just returned from the knitting camp held by Meg Swansen in Wisconsin. We had a project for a contest and we all knit a "Suspender Sweater" from her new book "Knit One Knit All" A great contest for all of us. Here is a picture of mine. Hopefully more pictures in the days to follow, I am doing a lot of teaching these days and really do love it as well as working as a sales rep. I just need more hours in the day. Tomorrow my family arrives, daughter, hubby, Louis and Lillie and 3 dogs. Then they will be returning my 2 dogs! What 5 dogs in the house. It will be busy. Saturday is our 50th yes I said 50th wedding anniversary and we will be having a small party. So after all of that I shall be a better blogger.

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