Sunday, May 22, 2011

I am still alive

I know it has been forever since I was able to pay any attention to this blog. There is news however. Susie and I met for the first time in April. It is a 12 hour trip It was so wonderful just like we had known each other for years. And that parallel lives thing kept coming up. How can two women who live 1000 of miles apart go shopping and purchase the same ball point pen. What are the odds? This is just one of the things we continue to discover about each other. I have been really busy working at a new thing. I am doing some designing and some sample knitting for Hand Painted Knitting Yarn. Add this to my teaching schedule, working as a rep for ChiaoGoo. Then there is home and family. Plus the two little dogs. My life is full. What I am knitting is for someone else so until it is posted and I can give you a link no pictures. I do however have a couple of personal things on needles at at the point where they are finished I will let you see what goes on.

All of this plus I am working very hard to destash the yarn closet or should I say room. I need to get things put away. When you run out of room in a giant storage space it is time to get busy and do something about this. Therefore I have been very busy on ebay. Also dividing the things that will work for charity knitting to donate.

Add a bit of sewing to all of this and you know why you have not heard from me. I promise to do better.


Yarn Miracle said...

Busy is good! Don't let your blog get in the way of productivity - I certainly neglect mine quickly enough. :D

Happy nearly summer!

ltcmom said...

We had a wonderful time in April and all we can think about is next time!