Thursday, October 13, 2011


Well after way to long an absence I have returned to "blogsphere". The new eyes took a bit of getting used to. But wonderful none the less. I have been working on some sewing projects in the meantime. Have a new shawl on the needles hopefully to show you next week. I am doing a lot of teaching knitting so my time to knit is spent on little samples of "how to do it". I truly love to be able to share what I have learned all these many years.

I have new double pointed needles and they needed a case. I am a lover of double pointed needles. I feel I knit smoother and faster than the other methods such as "magic loop" two circulars. Now I love things that match and I adore my Lexie Barnes Lady B knitting bag. Mine is an older pattern called Kiri and I had purchased some small zip bags to match. Well when the new 6" metal double points from ChiaoGoo arrived I needed a special case. I have made little zipper cases like this from fabric for a long time. Now however everything is matching. I love it. I used the case that was about 6 1/2" deep and just stitched in the pockets. Used a white out pen and wrote on the number. I am pleased with what I have created. Yes it only holds up to size 8 but I rarely use the larger sizes and they are in the old cases I made before this one.

I shall try to get a few more things I have been working on posted very soon. I have an idea of how to repair an antique quilt where on corner has rotted due to the exposure to the sun. Also some other things in progress.

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