Thursday, February 3, 2011


I am not lost in the snow but have been busy doing knitting things. I try in January to get caught up with all the items that never quite were finished at Christmas. Then it is also time to prepare for upcoming classes. We have had more snow than I can remember in years and keep in mind that memory goes back a long long time. I did finish up this black hat it is felted Gallway and some sort of fun fur yarn that I really don't remember. The pattern is from Fiber Trends and believe it or not it is for me....Perfect for this dreadful weather we are having.

There is one good thing about snow and cold weather here. We are all well prepared for it. My heart goes out to those of you who live where "real winter" is not something you are used to. Our heating systems, roofs, insulation and a large generator should we loose power. We are made for this stuff. We have a large tractor mounted snow blower that can send that white stuff miles if he wants to do it. So all is well with us.

I also made a couple of hats of my own design and I like to call this embossed knitting. Many years ago at Meg Swanson's Knitting camp we were delving into the Swedish Twined Knitting. With no translation of the first book on this it was pure guess work. So I designed this hat to use this way of "not twined twined knitting" I call it embossed knitting. I really do love to do it and this is going to be part of my classes before long.

Then we come to the always popular Wallaby by Carol Anderson. You know this is a favorite when grandchildren outgrow theirs and ask for a new one. So I knit up a little one in red as a class sample. I also have a large one almost finished now for Louis who requested it at Christmas. If that were not enough I have a pink one started for Lillie. I am doing a Wallaby Knit along class at Yarn for Ewe in Kennedy, Ny and this is all in preparation for these classes.

I have printed hand outs that go along with the pattern book so I have been working hard at getting these all ready for Saturday.

Then there were several days of sewing, cleaning the sewing room only to trash it again as I look for fabric.

More about that later. Keep warm

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