Sunday, February 13, 2011


A number of years ago (I forget how many) I worked out this pattern. Then it went to the "unfinished boutique" I am working hard at getting things organized, well at least as organized as I will ever be. I am now writing directions and the like after finishing the sample. I gave away sample 1 a long time ago. So it is back to square one. I have a shawl I must get busy working on as I am planning my December donation shawl now. None of the waiting until my life gets in the way stuff as in years past. Hubby's work schedule has changed once again so now I need to change my work schedule as well. No lace knitting when the TV is on full blast with some sort or other of sporting event. We have moved from football now to college basketball. I just can't count when they are yelling numbers at the top of their lungs in "surround sound" . This means I must work when he works. OK the house will keep and the kitchen floor is clean enough to be healthy. Thank goodness for little puppy Vera who is a great cleaner up of any food that might have landed there.

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