Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Now I have started my "Flat Feet" I am using the Jaywalking pattern for these. I enjoy having socks on my needles in the evening when watching American Idol, or tonight for my favorite Project Runway. Need to keep up with the world you know. Just the small amount I have knit with this yarn was pure joy. Absolutely wonderful, flows onto the needles and I can hardly wait for more time to work on them. it seems like the fact it was pre-knit makes the stitches just put themselves around the needle. I am using 2.5 mm needles as suggested on the yarn label. No yarn ball running across the floor.

I have left the cold and snow of the hills of Pennsylvania and arrived in sunny Florida. Lots of knitting time in the car. I finished the Patriotic socks for Louis while riding along. They are just basic socks in yarn from Joselyn Fibers out of the stash of many years ago. Nice and warm and heavier than the regular sock yarn I use. It was great to knit away and watch the snow and ice leave and as we traveled things got greener.

Yesterday was spoil myself with a pedicure followed by a nap. Sure did make that foot that caused so many problems in December feel oh so much better.

There are two kitties where I am staying and as yet they have not discovered that I knit. Whitey and Ducey both don't know about cats and yarn as their owner does not knit. Let me tell you I will have them all educated before I leave here in a few weeks.

I do have the ongoing mitten projects I need to get back to work on. Mittens seemed great fun in the cold but seem to have lost their magic as the days are warm and sunny. I always bring more yarn on a trip so I shall not run out of things to do.

I have not started the sewing projects as yet but soon we will do some decorating and sewing. Pictures to follow.

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