Friday, November 2, 2007


I have returned home from a glorious visit with the grandchildren that included seeing them all dressed for Halloween. I arrived home to find this wonderful package from my " Fall Into Autum Dish Cloth Swap" partner. Cindy from Knitsabouttime, sure did her home work on me.
All the favorite things I love, take a real good look, pink yarn, hand lotion, sweet soap with flowers and one with roses my favorite flower, note cards and mmmm the best jasmine tea. It does not get any better. I call this photo THE GOOD. What pure joy to find such thoughtful gifts....Family who have known me for 50 years never even get close to knowing the things I dearly love. Just amazing.
Now we come to the BAD

I always carry socks to knit with me. In my purse were these socks, not finished and the purse not completely zipped. The Bad who is named Sammy did this to my socks, hense the name bad. Did you ever see such an ugly mess. It will take me hours to get this all back on track.

Time now to get caught up after the trip.

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